Warning of false claims on deadlines to appeal the 2023 business rates list

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Be aware of false claims about deadlines to appeal the 2023 list for business rates.

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) is aware of false claims that the deadline for appeals to the 2023 rating lists is 30 June.

This is not true. You should be wary of anyone making this claim.

You are generally able to challenge your property valuation on the 2023 list at any time until March 2026.

You should be cautious of any agent who:

  • tries to pressure you to make a decision or sign a contract
  • makes claims about ‘unclaimed credits’ or similar
  • says they are acting on behalf of the VOA
  • demands large sums of money up front

Remember – you don’t have to use an agent to manage your business rates.

If you want an agent to manage your business rates, use our checklist to choose an agent. Don’t let an agent choose you.

We also have new guidance on staying safe from scammers.

Our VOA agent standards set out clear expectations for agents regarding:

  • their behaviour
  • their professional practice
  • the service they provide to their customers

The vast majority of agents are reputable and provide a good service. But a small minority act in bad faith.

We collect evidence of poor agent behaviour and practices in the course of our work. This evidence allows us to proactively address issues or concerns.

If you are concerned about potential misrepresentation by agents, send any evidence to ccaservice@voa.gov.uk.

Read more latest news from the Government here.

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