LSIP Report


The development and publication of an annual LSIP Progress Report which involves employers, skills providers and other stakeholders and covers what has been achieved and what still needs to happen at a local level, is a key tenet of the LSIP programme. Our Progress Report was due to be published on 30 June along with the Progress Reports from other local areas across the country and supported by national communications . As the 30 June now falls in the pre-election period the Department for Education (DfE) has asked us to postpone publication of our Progress Report until after the General Election. This is in line with a lot of government funded publication activity during this time. A revised date for publication will be set out by DfE in due course. In the meantime, our operational work to implement the LSIP continues.

LSIP Report

It is with immense pleasure that we share the Essex, Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock LSIP report for 2023 and supporting documents. This is the result of a lot of hard work, engagement and collaboration. We have been amazed and enthused at the support across Essex for this work and appreciate all the time employers and stakeholders have spent feeding into it. The collaborative approach has been second to none, with everyone joining forces in a shared determination to make this a success. We have listened to the business community and believe this report reflects their feedback throughout.

Essex, Southend-on-Sea & Thurrock LSIP Executive Summary

Essex, Southend-on-Sea & Thurrock LSIP Report




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