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Trade Products

Our International Chamber Products and Services are designed to assist business right across the globe from SME’s through to national and international companies. 

If your trading activities include imports, exports or both, you could at anytime be subject to a customs audit. The main purpose of the audit is to target the under-declaring of duty, import VAT and other irregularities. Errors made could result in serious fines, or worse!
Our Diagnostic Health Check has been designed around the current UK Customs Audit checks for companies involved in Manufacturing / Wholesale & Retail. 

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Our Translation Service will give you the peace of mind that all your translated documents are true and correct. We can arrange for the translation of your documents into over 200 languages. Whether you require translation of a legal contract, brochures, presentations, quality assurance policies & practices, introduction letters, technical documents and other marketing materials, we will complete it for you quickly and accurately within a few days.
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Our Chamber Dangerous Goods Service is designed to give you all the training, help and advice you need when dealing with dangerous goods.

If you or your company deal with anything that falls into the category of ‘Dangerous Goods’ - you need to be aware of the regulations that surround it.

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