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Terms of Trade Expert Training

Along with our standard Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy please see the additional Terms for our Trade Expert Training Courses.

Training Materials
Our providers create and supply any training materials that are used and/or circulated to attendees. The Essex Chambers of Commerce bears no responsibility or liability for any errors, omissions, inaccuracies or negligent statements contained in the training materials.

The content of the training materials are the copyright of the trainer. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents is strictly prohibited.

Limitation of Liability
The Essex Chambers of Commerce bears no responsibility of liability between you and the training provider.

The Essex Chambers of Commerce bears no responsibility of confidentiality between you and the provider.

Terms & Conditions for Trade Expert £50 off offer.

The offer is only for our virtual half day British Chamber of Commerce Accredited Training courses, listed below

  1.    Understanding Exporting 
  2.    Import Procedures
  3.    Incoterms
  4.    Customs Procedures and Documentation
  5.    Export Documentation
  6.    Preference Rules of Origin
  7.    Methods of Payment
  8.    Documentary Letters of Credit
  9.    Agents and Distributors
10.    Inward and Outward Processing

All 6 courses must be booked online at the same time to qualify.

The selection must include 6 different courses.

The offer is based on courses and not attendees i.e. booking 6 attendees on 3 different courses does not qualify.

The courses do not have to be attended by the same person to qualify.