Smart meters are a smart decision for your business this winter


Firms of all sizes are currently confronted by a host of challenges, from soaring energy bills, labour shortages, spiralling inflation, and climbing interest rates. 

As a business owner, you need to ensure that your doors stay open and that your business can thrive no matter what the season brings.

Did you know that a smart meter could help your business this winter and beyond? Smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters currently being rolled out in homes and small businesses across Great Britain by energy suppliers.

If you are looking for practical advice to help tackle these challenges, a smart meter could be a positive step for your business. 

Make informed choices about your firm’s energy usage
A smart meter could give you valuable insights into how your business uses energy, day and night, helping you to identify ways to reduce your energy use.  

Close the door on estimated bills.
Installing a smart meter is a positive step in taking control of business outgoings. Once installed, smart meters digitally measure how much energy you’re using and send your meter reading directly to your energy supplier at agreed intervals, putting an end to estimated bills. 

Don’t let energy costs keep you awake at night 
Installing a smart meter can help you closely monitor where you spend your money, helping with planning and projection of costs in the short, medium, and long term. They allow you to spend less time worrying about cash flow and more time running your business. 

Find out if you are eligible for a smart meter
Whether you rent or own your business premises, you could still be eligible. If you don’t have your own gas and/or electricity meter, ask your landlord if they plan to get one for your building. 

Half of eligible businesses across Great Britain already have a smart or advanced meter installed.

Firms with 10 employees or less could be eligible for a smart meter.  
Click here to find out whether you are eligible.
You can also contact your energy supplier or broker.

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