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The benefits of Chamber membership in more detail

Our ambition is to help you reach yours. Essex Chambers of Commerce is committed to helping Member businesses grow and become more successful. We offer a wide range of events, products, services, support and advice - all designed to keep you ahead of the game. As a Member of Essex Chambers, you share a unique business support organisation with influence and links to a wealth of opportunities to develop your business.

Events that open minds as well as doors. We continuously offer a variety of events across the county, including a programme of breakfast and twilight networking events, business-to-business exhibitions, meet-the-buyer events, international trade events, business-skills improvement events and exclusive dinners.
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Informing your business. Our regular online publications circulate to over 8000 subscriber businesses and organisations across Essex and beyond, giving you an ideal opportunity to keep up with the latest news and issues effecting modern business practice. We also offer expert workshops to help you develop specific skills within your organisation.

Advertising and promoting your business. The standard of Essex Chambers networking events are second to none for meeting new business connections and new opportunities for promotion. As a member you will also be listed in our Membership Directory – an invaluable marketing and prospecting tool.
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A sense of belonging. Essex Chambers Members are invited to display a Membership Certificate at their premises and can apply for a prestigious Chambers Member logo to use with their business stationery, online communications and at online business networks.

Raising the voice of business in Essex. Engaging with senior politicians and policy makers at local, national and European government levels is a key part of our day-to-day work on behalf of Member businesses. Essex Chambers is vocal in lobbying for legislative change and in helping to secure and amplify the business opportunities for Essex.
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Inspiring and influencing the wheels of commerce. We frequently reach thousands of local businesses employing approximately 150,000 employees. We also have a seat at the table of the most influential regional steering groups and committees. Our opinion is commonly sought in the halls of Westminster, reflecting the true calibre of our information our opinion and our connections.

Products and services to help your business. We offer a wide range of business products ranging from healthcare, preferential foreign currency exchange rates, employment law, legal support and discounts for exporters - there is something for every business that becomes part of our organisation.
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Expertise and support in exporting. Our dedicated team of international trade officers based in Colchester and Southend-on-Sea offer expert help, support and advice covering all aspects of international trade. We can also help you to identify and trade in overseas markets via the British Overseas Chamber of Commerce network.

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The benefits are impressive. But what are the costs? Essex Chambers of Commerce membership fees are realistic and highly competitive. The fee structure is based on the size of your organisation. More information on membership rates is available here...