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As part of the Essex Chambers of Commerce & Maldon District Council's “Big Business Network” launch, we are offering a limited number of fully funded Memberships to qualifying businesses*

Does my business qualify for a free membership?
To qualify for a fully funded Essex Chambers Membership, all your business needs to do is be located and operate in the Maldon District*.


What is the Big Business Network?
The “Big Business Network” will be the heart of the Maldon’ business community. Whatever the size of your business, it will help you to grow and flourish. There will be a series of “Big Business Network” events and support from the Essex Chambers of Commerce through our limited free membership. 

Our purpose and our passion are to support and encourage business success. Our aim is to do all we can to help local entrepreneurs to flourish and enjoy a sustainable, profitable future. If you are an established businesses or a newcomer to the world of commerce, you'll find that there's no better way to make the right contacts, than through the “Big Business Network” which brings together Essex Chambers of Commerce (ECC), Maldon District Council (MDC) and their Sense of Place Network.

We celebrate enterprise because it helps our business world and our community to move forward. We also celebrate enterprising people because they can shape the horizon.

We want to celebrate business and make your journey enjoyable as well as successful. 

Visit our Events Calendar for the next Big Business Networking event

*Terms & Conditions Apply