Employers Survey Results

Alongside the sector insights we are creating we have been reaching out to local businesses to understand the challenges and barriers facing them.

The sector focus is Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering.

What steps do you take to recruit new staff?

The majority of the responders (20) said that they use word of mouth, social media and indeed. This is often as these are low cost recruitment options. A small number (5) said that they use specific recruitment agencies.

When asked what skills would help to improve the workforce the responses were varied but unusually for the responses we have received in other sectors there was less emphasis on soft skills and actually the skills asked were, were very specific industry skills such as CNC turners and setters. A number of responses were that the skills that they needed was industry experience.

When asked why the business didn’t offer apprenticeships the main reasons were that they didn’t have enough information about how to take on an apprenticeship. A number said that they didn’t feel that the college courses met the industry needs and there was a gap here.

When asked what type of work placement would add value to the business, the two main responses were administrative roles and vocational students.

We asked what networks people were involved in and of those that were involved a number said the local councils, CITB, local colleges. This was an area where a vast majority of responders said they were not part of any network.