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Health & Free Sale Certificates

If you export food, drink, or plant stuffs you’ll need to know what export conditions apply and if you need a Health or Free Sale Certificate.

Health Certificates
Health Certificates are issued on request to food businesses and are provided to assist local exporters in meeting the food safety requirements. These are issued by your local district councils Health Department for a fee.

Free Sale Certificates
Free Sale Certificates show that products can be sold within the United Kingdom and cover products for both human and animal consumption. The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) produce certificates free of charge for exporters.

Visit the GOV.UK website for Exporting Consumables Guidance and for Certificates of Free Sale Guidance 

Certifying these documents
We always advise that the originals are certified, especially if they are to be legalised as well.
It is mandatory that certificates are certified by us before Legalisation. 

In order to certify these, we ask that they are signed on the reverse by someone on your company's Formal Undertaking and if the company address does not appear on the front of the certificate, please company stamp by the signature. For multiple pages, sign and stamp the last page.

Electronic Certificates
If we receive an electronic certificate for certifying it must have a digital green tick on it with the words 'Signature Verified'.
We cannot process electronic certificates that have not been verified.
Contact your certificate provider to ensure these steps are taken.