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Our International Trade Documentation Team are here to help 

We can assist with:

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Formal Undertaking:

Before we can process your documents, we need your company to complete a Formal Undertaking. This is a simple document to which a company agrees to abide by the Standard Rules for the issue of documentation.  

This needs to be completed and signed off by the Proprietor, Company Secretary, Partner or Director, together with copies of the signatures of those people in your organisation who are authorised to complete and sign documentation, please ensure the sample signatures do not go beyond the lines of the box. This will be kept on file and will be used to validate your documents.


Once completed please scan and email back to us, we do not require the hard copy -


Costs and charges vary and depend on the services you require and if you are an Essex Chambers of Commerce Member.

For Legalisation -  Email us for a quote and remember to specify which type of documents you require processing and for which country.

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We have a selection of additional trade forms available for purchase. 

  • Standard Shipping Notes

  • Dangerous Goods Notes

  • International Import Certificates

  • Malawi: Form 18 Invoice and Certificate of Origin

  • Nigeria: C.16 Combined Certificate of Value and of Origin

  • South Africa: DA 59 Declaration of Origin for goods exported

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