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Customs Declarations for Import & Export

Essex Chambers of Commerce. 34a Star Lane, Great Wakering, Essex SS3 0FF

Thursday 30th April 2020
9:30am - 4:30pm



Refreshments, Lunch and a comprehensive Export Expert manual of the topics covered will be provided.

Government funding for this course is available through the Customs Grant Schemes

The purpose of the course:
On this course we will examine the Customs Declaration in detail, discovering where to obtain the many codes and information to be declared.  If we exit the EU without a deal, Customs Declarations will be required for all movements from the UK to the EU-27, and all movements to the UK from the EU-27. 

A Customs Declaration is an official document that lists and gives details of goods that are being imported or exported. Typically, it is the owner of the goods or a person acting on their behalf, or the person who has control over the goods who will submit the declaration.  

If you use the services of a Customs Intermediary/Freight Agent/Customs Broker, this will involve an increase in your costs.  We will discuss the possibility of you making your own Customs Declarations to HMRC, and whether it would be cost effective bearing in mind the HMRC compliant software that would be required.  In either case, you are responsible for your declarations.  Customs Intermediaries/Freight Agents/Customs Brokers require your authorisation to complete a Customs Declaration on your behalf.  We will discuss the different types of authorisation and what consequences arise from the choices you make.      

Benefits for your organisation:
CHIEF (the current customs computer) has been in place for over 20 years, it is now old technology and needs to be replaced.  HMRC has begun phasing in the new Customs Declaration Service (CDS), to replace CHIEF.  We will discuss how this impending change will affect you.  The new CDS declaration document will look different to the SAD C88, and you will need to become familiar with the layout and coding of the new CDS declaration document, to avoid delays with customs clearance of your goods.  As you are responsible for your Customs Declarations, and for performing management checks, the sooner you become familiar with the new data groups and data elements, the better prepared you will be for CDS.

Who is this course for?
Those personnel involved with movements of goods across country borders.  Senior Personnel across Finance, Purchasing, Sales, Shipping/Logistics.  It also benefits Managers of Departments responsible for Company Policies, Practices, Administration, and Compliance.  This one day course will appeal to those responsible for customs conformity, whether you are working for a International Company, or are a small sole Proprietor, these changes will affect you and your trade, and could help save you money. This course may be taken in isolation, or you may consider obtaining the extra benefit of first attending our single day course on Customs Declarations focusing on Imports, and/or our single day course on Customs Declarations focusing on Exports.  

Topics Covered:

  • Customs D eclarations -  SAD C88 into CHIEF - CDS into Customs Declaration Service
  • Comparisons and correlation between CHIEF v CDS
  • CDS data groups and data elements
  • Procedure Codes and Additional Procedure Codes
  • Incoterms and named place
  • Licences – required or not required
  • Direct Representative v Indirect Representative
  • Demystify customs terminology
  • Brexit - Customs Law, the Union Customs Code (UCC)

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:
Understand how to prepare for the new Customs Declaration Service.  Plan for making Customs Declarations yourself, or being able to accurately instruct a Customs Intermediary/Freight Agent/Customs Broker to complete these on your behalf. Understand the legal roles and responsibilities of Direct Representation and Indirect Representation. Learn how to complete Customs Declarations pre-Brexit and post-Brexit.

Date:   Thursday 30th April 2020 9.30am to 4.30pm (Lunch & Refreshments Provided)
Essex Chambers of Commerce, 34a Star Lane, Great Wakering, Essex SS3 0FF 
Cost to attend: £340.00 + VAT Members and £390.00 + VAT Non-Members

This course is suitable for all levels, from beginners to more experienced.  This course may be taken in isolation, or you may consider obtaining the extra benefit of first attending our single day course on Imports, and/or our single day course on Exports.  

Funding may be available, visit GOV.UK for more information.

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