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Crimes against businesses in Essex ranges from shoplifting and criminal damage to fraud and cybercrime. 

The Business Crime Unit team focus on issues that affect local business owners and their employees such as theft, staff safety and fraud. Working with them to encourage increased reporting, improve crime prevention and to help make our communities a safer place where business can thrive.  

They work alongside the Town Centre Teams who work with local town centre business and the Rural Engagement Team who work with the rural and farming businesses within Essex. 

Further information can be found on the Business Crime Team website

Contact the team directly by emailing 

Meet the Team


Sgt Terry Jacobs
PC Alex Plakhtienko
PC Michael Lee
PSE Katie Roberts

Terry has had a career on frontline local policing teams and in his most recent role managed service recovery and complaints

Alex has extensive partnership experience working in Community Policing Teams within South Essex
Michael has worked within partnership policing for several years and leads the force CSAS training accreditation
Katie is an experienced analyst and joins the Business Crime Unit from her previous role in force performance analysis