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Essex Business Crime Strategic Board



Following a joint dinner between Essex Chambers of Commerce, Essex Police and the Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, it was agreed that no one group could tackle crimes against businesses on their own and that the business community and Police need to work together. 

This led to the creation of the Essex Business Crime Strategic Board with a remit of developing collaborative working for the benefit of all businesses in the county.

The Board will meet on a quarterly basis and the members are listed below:- 

  • BJ Harrington – Chief Constable Designate, Essex Police 
  • Robin Punt - Head of Corporate Communications, Essex Police
  • Terry Balding, Chief Inspector, Local Policing and Partnership Manager, Essex Police 
  • Jane Gardner – Dep. Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner for Essex
  • Roger Hirst – Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner for Essex
  • Denise Rossiter – CEO, Essex Chambers of Commerce
  • David Burch – Director of Policy, Essex Chambers of Commerce
  • Donna Gale – Executive Assistant, Essex Chambers of Commerce
  • John Moran – Operations Director, Minerva Fire & Security Ltd
  • Philip Miller – Chair & CEO, Stockvale Group     
  • Darren Horsman – Asst Director, Comms & Public Engagement, Essex Police
  • Samantha Johnson – Head of Security Compliance, London Stansted Airport
  • Lee Hammond, Head of Security, East of England Co-op
  • Mike Roast, Area Manager, Co-op Group
  • Iain Palmer, Head of Security Compliance, Trenitalia c2c
  • Perry Woolner – I&C Team Manager, Wave
  • Stephen Cook – HR Manager, Wilkin & Sons
  • Simona Daniel - FSB 
  • Derrick Hidden - CloudFM

Minutes of all meetings will be posted on this website and if you have any queries please contact either Denise Rossiter on 01702 560100 or David Burch on 01206 765277.  

View Minutes of meeting held Friday 12th July 2019

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