Essex & Suffolk Water steps up support for struggling customers


Essex & Suffolk Water is offering extra help and financial support for families in East Anglia as the cost-of-living crisis deepens.

So far this year, the water company has already helped nearly 23,000 struggling households with the cost of their bills, and it’s encouraging those who are worrying about making ends meet to get in touch.

Customers who are in debt, or in receipt of a qualifying benefit, may be eligible for up to 50% off the cost of their water bill, thanks to a number of different financial schemes the firm has available.

It also has a scheme to provide early help to customers who may have never found themselves in a situation worrying about money before.

This means that qualifying customers on a low-income, who don’t have enough money coming into their household to cover essential household bills, could have their water costs reduced by up to 50% for one year.

Essex & Suffolk Water offers flexible payment plans, payment breaks and free financial advice for anyone who needs it, by working in partnership with StepChange Debt Charity and other independent debt advice companies.

Head of Income for Essex & Suffolk Water, Mark Wilkinson, said: “As energy prices rise, we understand that things are going to be particularly tight for lots of people, and we want to give them the help they need early. If we can ease things up for anyone who might be starting to find themselves in difficult financial circumstances, and help them get back on track, then that’s got to be a good thing. Admitting that you’re struggling is a big step, but we have fantastic, well-trained team who will do all they can to support our customers and make sure that they get all of the help they need.”

In 2018, Essex & Suffolk Water was one of the first water companies that set out a goal to eradicate water poverty by 2030.

Anyone who is struggling with debt, worried about paying their water bill or is just in need of free financial advice, is being encouraged to contact the company for help.

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