Domestic Abuse Project Stage 2 Match Funding initiative available now!


Last year Essex Chambers of Commerce, Essex Police Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC) and Practical HR Ltd embarked on a pilot project to engage with the business community to help raise awareness about domestic abuse. The reason for doing this? Because raising awareness is the first step to prevention, and our mission is to help prevent abuse or the escalation of abuse.

The pilot project was so successful that the PFCC have agreed to support and fund Stage 2.

Please take a minute to look at the videos produced in Stage 1 which gives you an indication on what the Partnership has brought to businesses thus far:

Business Leaders Video                                                                               Case Study Video  


We are therefore pleased to announce a unique opportunity has arisen for your business to secure match funding and accelerate its growth. As a valued member of our business community, we are delighted to present you with the DAAWN Domestic Abuse Project Stage 2 Match Funding initiative.

If you are an SME in Essex, with 1 – 500 employees, we can offer up to £1500 match funding to help you implement the software and information, so you can raise awareness in your organisation. Every business should get on board with this. It’s not just about the human element and that it’s the right thing to do morally; there are also clear commercial reasons to get involved as we know that domestic abuse is costing industry over 14 billion a year. This manifests in terms of absence, staff turnover, poor engagement, and poor performance. All of which hit the bottom line.

Who is eligible for funding? Any SME in Essex – but please note that funding is limited, so act now!

Contact for more information on how to apply.

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