Do you have a Special Constable in your business?


Do you have a Special Constable in your business? 

In the coming days, weeks and months Essex Police are asking you to consider releasing your staff member to perform their duties as a Special Constable in the light of COVID-19 situation. These are unprecedented times and policing will be under great strain over the coming months so the assistance provided by additional officers in the community would be hugely welcome.

This is clearly a big ask, given that your own organisations may be also operating on low staffing levels. However, any assistance you may be able to give by allowing your staff to volunteer in the community will play a big part in making Essex a safer place to live and work. 

Les Hawkins, Essex Police’s Employer Supported Policing Coordinator says “Any assistance a business can give is greatly appreciated. This is not a request for specific dates or times and we can work with individual business to discuss bespoke options. There will be no contractual obligations on any business that can assist

If this is something you may be able to help with, please contact Les in the first instance to discuss how this may work for your own business.   

Thank you.

Les Hawkins – Specials Supported Policing Coordinator . Specials Command

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