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Our Chamber Dangerous Goods Service is designed to give you all the training, help and advice you need when dealing with dangerous goods.

All classes of Dangerous Goods are subject to transport, workplace, storage consumer and environmental regulations. So if you or your company deal with anything that falls into the category of ‘Dangerous Goods’ - you need to be aware of the regulations that surround it.


Our experienced advisor is available to answer your questions and help you on the best action to take to ensure you are compliant with today’s regulations. This could include anything from short discussions on your working methods and training certificates you need to hold to a full Dangerous Goods Facility Audit, or even the completetion of your annual or audit reports for your Dangerous Goods.

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Courses & Training

Courses range from basic awareness through to the certifying of a company Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, and as every business is unique some training can be bespoke or delivered at your premises and are available online or virtually with our trainer.

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Logicom Hub aim to provide interactive training so that learners can walk away feeling confident in the new skills and knowledge they have learnt. Their training is not built just to pass the exam but to ensure that the attendees can implement when they get back to their workplace.

Over the last few years, they have built great business relationships and partnerships with not just customers but with integral companies in the International Logistics and Dangerous Goods to support the growth of knowledge in the industry.