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Certification of Other Documents

We can certify various documents including: invoices, packing lists, agreements, declarations, statements, letters, Health, Veterinary, Vessel and Inspection Certificates.

Rules to follow when applying for certification –

  • The document must bear a signature of someone authorised to sign as stated on the company’s current Formal Undertaking, held by ourselves.

  • Carbon copy signatures are not acceptable

  • The document must indicate the country for intended use. i.e For use in Egypt

  • We cannot certify documents that are titled ‘Certificate of Origin’ and not prepared on the authentic forms or any documents that contains statements that are clearly false or negative.

‚ÄčPlease be aware that there are specific requirements for various countries of destination regarding ‘electronic’ or ‘digital’ stamps and signatures. Please check these with our team but if in doubt, an original signature is always acceptable.