Business Confidence In Net Zero Plans Is Vital


Responding to the announcement of changes to several key Net Zero policies, Shevaun Haviland, Director General of the BCC, said:

“If we are to meet the challenge of making the UK Net Zero by 2050 then we must have pragmatic goals, that business can be confident they will be supported to reach.

“Companies want to address climate change but cannot plan for future investment if the sands keep shifting.

“This means political consensus about the goals, combined with pragmatism on the solutions. Constant tinkering with Net Zero policies will only have further negative impacts on business confidence and investment plans.

“Other countries and trading blocs are pouring billions into low-carbon technology, and we are getting left behind.

“But if we get this right, and play to our country’s strengths then there is huge opportunity for UK Plc. It is vital we have a long-term Net Zero strategy which Government must demonstrate it can stick to.” 

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