Workforce testing to begin rollout in Essex


As part of the ongoing testing rollout in Essex, workforces in key sectors are now being encouraged to have their employees regularly tested to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and potential workplace outbreaks

Companies in the Healthcare, Social Work and Care Sectors as well as Transport Providers that directly support these sectors are the first to be asked to take part in the rollout.

Companies with 1-49 employees in these sectors, who cannot work from home, are being offered the opportunity to set up testing provision at their place of work. Essex County Council will set up the provision, provide training and a testing allocation.

Businesses that fit this criteria and interested in setting up a testing provision at their place of work should email

Larger companies with over 50 employees, that cannot work from home, are advised to set up a repeat workforce testing provision for their employees. To do this they will need to apply online.

Cabinet Member for Health & Adult Social Care, Cllr John Spence said: “This next step in the rollout of testing in Essex is very welcome. We know workplaces are doing what they can to limit the spread of Covid-19, however regular testing will allow businesses to keep ahead of any possible outbreaks.

“Where possible, businesses should be allowing employees to work from home, however we understand that this is not always an option. For those that can’t, we are providing support in ensuring testing is available.”

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