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As businesses start to re-open they are trying to make sense of the new economic landscape and what they need to do now. When the “Covid-19” crisis broke Essex Chambers launched the first phase of their support programme, Supply and Demand, quickly helping to deliver essential resources where they were needed to both the public and private sectors across the county by working with businesses of all types and sizes irrespective of whether they were a Chamber member or not.  

Now that the country is moving forward they are launching Phase 2 – Rebuild and Recover. Speaking about this initiative Chamber Chief Executive Denise Rossiter said “We understand what hurdles lay ahead as we are a SME in our own right. Like many other businesses we had to introduce home working but are making arrangements to return to safe working from our offices. We are working with our members to maximise the support available to the county in a joined- up approach to help businesses recover and rebuild.” 

“We have been using video technology to deliver virtual events for our members, including briefings with Government Ministers, and are busy planning our future programme to continue engaging with our members and policy makers in national and local government. If you want to know how we can help you go to our website

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