MAG response to the government's international travel update


Charlie Cornish, CEO of MAG, said: “The government's announcement on destinations added to travel lists will have a positive impact on the options available to those looking to go on holiday in the remaining days of the summer season.
“But in reality, these changes will make little difference to the overall recovery of the UK travel industry, which is already recovering at less than half the pace of the rest of Europe.
“Europe’s stronger recovery has been driven by the removal of testing requirements on vaccinated travellers.

“Unless the UK also removes the need for people with full immunity to take these tests, we will continue to squander the advantage our world-leading vaccination programme was supposed to deliver, while passengers on the continent travel restriction-free to low-risk destinations.
“Government cannot wait until the 1stOctober to make changes to the travel regime and must press ahead with an overhaul of its traffic light system immediately.
“We must arrive at a simpler, more affordable and sustainable travel framework to enable the best possible winter season and give customers the confidence to book ahead for 2022.”

You can view the government update in full HERE

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