Employers Survey Results

Alongside the sector deep dives we are creating we have been reaching out to local businesses to understand the challenges and barriers facing them.

The sector focus is construction

What steps do you take to recruit new staff?
Of the 39 respondents the majority (25) said that they used word of mouth or tools such as indeed and social media as there is no cost involved for these. A number of responders were family businesses or sole traders and said that when they did need additional support they had a network of subcontractors they could use. A few responders stated that they used networks such as the institute of clark or works.

When asked what skills would help to improve the workforce the responses were varied. The most common response was specific trades such as carpenters, electricians and plumbers. Some responses focused on basic literacy and numeracy as well as soft skills such as communication, work ethic and being interested and enthusiastic.

When asked why the business didn’t offer apprenticeships the main reasons were that they didn’t have enough information about how to take on an apprenticeship. A number said that they didn’t have enough work at the moment but it was something they would consider. Almost all of the reasons were positive and was due to a lack of knowledge around apprenticeships or not having the capacity to take on apprenticeships at the moment.

When asked what type of work placement would add value to the business, the two main responses were administrative roles and vocational students.
We asked what networks people were involved in and of those that were involved a number said the local councils, CITB, local colleges. Business networking international (BNI), federation of master builders and institute of the clark of works.