Local businesses meet with Deputy Chief Constable Pippa Mills


Local businesses met with Deputy Chief Constable Pippa Mills yesterday (Tuesday 20 August) to discuss how working together plays a key part in our fight against crime. 

Hosted by Denise Rossiter, the Chief Executive for Essex Chambers of Commerce, business owner’s from different sectors spoke about how crime is affecting them and their business. Deputy Chief Constable Mills, as well as taking on feedback from leaders in the room, spoke of her future plans to create a bespoke policing team to provide support for businesses across the county.

Speaking about the day Denise Rossiter said: “It was a pleasure to introduce Deputy Chief Constable Mills to a selection of our business members, who not only wanted to hear what she had to say, but were offering to work with her and the force positively in understanding how they can help reduce business crime in Essex. 

“The Essex business model will become and an exemplar for others to follow.” 

A number of topics were discussed including campus safety for students, employee theft from the work place, road safety and support for mental health. Cybercrime was a key subject, as it remains a developing sector which is impacting businesses, not only in terms of hacking and fraud, but also when it comes to online bullying and anti-social behaviour. 

When speaking about the meeting, Andy Mead, Managing Director of The Finishing Line Limited said: “A really helpful meeting with the Deputy Chief Constable, it quickly became clear that Pippa is determined to forge meaningful partnerships with businesses. 

“Cybercrime is just one particular challenge for the modern police force and today I got the chance to explain how it impacts businesses. 

“Hearing directly from businesses can only be a good thing and I know everyone appreciated Pippa taking the time to listen carefully.”  

It is the development of strong partnership working across the county that helps contribute to making Essex a safe place to live and work. 

Deputy Chief Constable Mills said: “I want to thank Denise and Essex Chambers of Commerce for setting up the meeting

“It was really interesting to see the breadth of issues that the group raised and it highlighted the need we have for a team who are dedicated to dealing with crime affecting business.

“Utilising the precept uplift we are currently developing a team whose sole focus will be on these crime types and the impact it has on the wider community. The Business Crime Team is due to launch in February and will work with our partners and local businesses alongside our well-established Local Policing Teams, Community Policing Teams and new Town Centre Teams. 

“This will allow us to increase our presence and accessibility for business owners, allowing them to get more consistent support and advice. I look forward it its development in the coming months and the information gained today will help to guide the creation of this crucial new team, especially in relation to how the team can effectively engage and seek feedback.”

L to R: Ellie Cairns – Essex Chambers of Commerce, Paula Fisher – Practical HR, Simon Green – Birkett Long, Joanne Giles – South Essex College, DCC Pippa Mills – Essex Police, Tanya Meah – Ground Control Ltd, Denise Rossiter – Essex Chambers of Commerce and Andy Mead – The Finishing Line

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