Health Certificates for Imports

From October 2023 Health certificates will be required for some animal products imported from the EU – are you prepared?

As part of the Brexit negotiations, the UK and the EU agreed to a trade deal that includes several provisions on animal health and welfare. One of these provisions is that the UK will require health certificates for certain animal products imported from the EU.

Animals or animal products imported into the UK may contain diseases which may harm animal health and public health. Different animals or products are categorised and each category has different requirements and rated as either high risk, medium risk, or low risk.

From October 2023 your goods may require a health certificate issued by the competent authority in the country where the goods originate. Join us for this informative webinar to find out more. We will be exploring:

  • What are Health Certificates?
  • What Animal Products Will Require Health Certificates?
  • What is the Trade Operating Model (TOM)
  • Different levels of requirements
  • How to Get a Health Certificate
  • What Happens If You Do Not Have a Health Certificate?

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