Has your company chosen LEV to help prevent lung disease?


In support of the ‘Help Great Britain work well’ strategy, HSE and the Chambers of Commerce are planning a campaign to create greater awareness of how local exhaust ventilation (LEV) can prevent ill health. To make the campaign a success we need help from employers as case studies on how LEV controls dusts and airborne fumes that can cause lung disease. These case studies can help promote your company's contribution to the ‘Help Great Britain work well’ strategy.
We would like to hear about your motivation in choosing LEV as a control and the steps you took in getting the design, installation and use right. If you think you have a good story to tell then please contact Robert Ellis (robert.ellis@hse.gov.uk or telephone 0203 028 3046) or contact healthandsafety@essexchambers.co.uk 
We are looking for replies by the end of July.

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