Essex Police Breakfast with Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex, Roger Hirst and Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh


Prevention is better than Pursuit”
At Anglian Ruskin University this week our CEO, Denise Rossiter welcomed businesses to our “Annual Police Breakfast”. This event has traditionally been hosted by Essex Chambers of Commerce for several years and was deemed to be the one of the Chambers profiled events providing an opportunity for businesses to raise issues of crime directly to the police authorities. 
With local authority budgets being stretched even further Essex Police were keen to hear of the many different challenges and crime issues faced by Essex businesses.  A major shopping centre manager highlighted an increase in retail crime whilst other organisations highlighted issues with Cybercime  and concerns that many companies are not reporting such issues.
Essex Police’s Chief Constable, Steven Kavanagh was keen to point out that the importance of crime being reported and asked for co-operation from the County’s businesses and encouraged all businesses to report crime to avoid a risk of disengagement. He agreed that there was a need for greater communication between businesses and the Police authority.
The chief Constable was confident about their plans on tackling crime in the County and also outlined plans such as encouraging local volunteers from the community and working closer with the Chamber of Commerce to build greater partnerships within the County.

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