Commenting on the first details of the Chancellor’s Growth Plan, Denise Rossiter, CEO of the Essex Chambers of Commerce said: 

“Essex Chambers, and the whole Chamber Network, are great believers in giving businesses the tools and support they need to create the wealth that funds Government tax revenues. 
"Essex businesses will welcome the Chancellor’s pledge to focus on economic growth and speed up new infrastructure development. 
“It is good news to hear the Chancellor has realised action is needed on our outdated planning system. We need to see this reform across the country, as the current slow, complex and uncertain system stifles business investment, expansion and growth. We hope to see the right balance between reform and providing for a sustainable future.

“The introduction of Investment Zones has the potential to finally deliver on the Government’s long-standing promise to level up, if the scheme is truly UK-wide and Government get it right from the start, but the devil will be in the detail. 

“We are pleased with this is bold start, and look forward to seeing how the Chancellor will use this as a springboard to develop a comprehensive long-term economic strategy.” 

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