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Before You Start - Step 1

a) Before we can process your documents, we need your company to complete a Formal Undertaking.
This is a simple document to which a company agrees to abide by the Standard Rules for the issue of documentation  
The first page contains all the required company information and must be signed by either the Proprietor, Partner, Director or Company Secretary.  

Please be aware that the company name given on this page must be the company that appears on your documentation.
For companies with 'trading names' or multiple sub branches please list these in the company name section.
b) The second page contains both Arab and Egyptian indemnities.   
  • Arab Indemnity - acknowledges that you are aware of the regulation from the Arab Chamber related to Arab-British Certificate of Origin as the preference certificate for Arab states but are opting for the EC Certificate of Origin. 
  • Egyptian Indemnity - acknowledges that you are aware of the Certification and Legalisation requirements for Egypt but you are choosing to opt out of this process.

c) The third page of the Formal Undertaking should hold the details and the sample signatures of everyone who signs your documents.  
Please ensure the sample signatures do not go beyond the lines of the box and that this page is signed by the Proprietor, Partner, Director or Company Secretary that signed the first page.

This page can be used throughout the year to add additional signatories but, once again, must be signed by the Proprietor, Partner, Director or Company Secretary that signed the first page.

Once these pages are completed please scan and email back to us at Essex Chambers International Trade Team

Step 2