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UK Export Finance

UK Export Finance (UKEF) are the UK’s export credit agency. They help UK exporters by providing insurance to exporters and guarantees to banks to share the risks of providing export finance. In addition, they can make loans to overseas buyers of goods and services from the UK. 

They work closely with exporters, banks, buyers, and project sponsers and have 90 years' experience of supporting exports to, and investments in, markets across the world. They do this by providing loans to buyers of UK goods, services and guarantees, insurance and reinsurance against loss, taking into account the international policies.


  • insure UK exporters against non-payment by their overseas buyers
  • help overseas buyers to purchase goods and services from UK exporters by guaranteeing or funding bank loans to finance the purchases
  • share credit risks with banks to help exporters raise tender and contract bonds, in accessing pre- and post-shipment working capital finance and in securing confirmations of letters of credit
  • insure UK investors in overseas markets against political risks
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