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Essex Chambers of Commerce Charity of the Year 2020

The Rob George Foundation was founded in loving memory of Rob George, who died aged 21 on 9th December 2013 following a long battle with leukaemia.

Rob George was a talented sportsman.  He excelled at golf, hockey and cricket.  At the time of his last illness he had just broken into the Colchester & East Essex 1st XI and had been elected a full playing member of the MCC.

But Rob’s sporting achievements – and his life – was cruelly cut short by acute myeloid leukaemia.  Diagnosed in June 2011 and treated at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, Rob achieved full remission but two years after his initial diagnosis the leukaemia returned.  Further chemotherapy followed and a stem cell transplant was planned but Rob died in December 2013.

Rob was brave and dignified, caring not for himself but for his family and friends.  His wish was that a Foundation be set up in his memory to support young people who faced similar intolerable financial difficulties to those he had encountered.  Rob also wanted the Foundation to provide financial support to those in the worlds of sport or the performing arts.

The Rob George Foundation aims are:

  1. provide practical and/or financial support to young people with life threatening or terminal illnesses
  2. provide financial support to young people who demonstrate exceptional commitment and/or ability in the worlds of sport or the performing arts but may be held back by their financial situation from pursuing their goals
The list below gives you examples of the typical grants made to applicants:- 

Aim 1
  • Travel costs - To get to and from hospital and other treatment centres (circa £100 per month)
  • Clothing - Rapid weight fluctuations often mean our grantees need new clothing (£250 to £300)
  • White Goods - Higher levels of hygiene are required and vital drugs needs effective refrigeration (circa £300 each appliance)
  • Laptops - To help combat isolation, keeping in touch with friends and family and for educational purposes too (£400)
  • Driving Lessons - Provides independence for the grantee and take pressure off the family through increased mobility (£400)
  • New Mattresses - Often taken for granted, but vital when very ill and bed bound (£600)
  • Furniture - Specialist chairs for heightened comfort (£750)
  • Special Equipment - Various specific pieces of equipment to aid recovery (£400 to £1000)
Aim 2
  • Competition Costs - To enter and compete in the right competitions to fulfill potential (£200 to £300)
  • Training & Travel Costs - To train and compete at the right level (£250 to £1000)
  • Sporting Equipment - To aid development and maximize performance (£250 to £1000)
  • Musical Equipment - To assist with personal development and achieve the grades and level of performance needed to progress (£750+)

Denise Rossiter, CEO of Essex Chambers of Commerce says: 
"Essex Chambers and its staff support The Rob George Foundation because it is made up of purely volunteers, therefore every penny goes to helping people suffering from this illness in several different ways and through a multitude of circumstances which they never thought they would have to face. 

"Rob was also a keen lover of  Sports and the Arts so his legacy was to provide financial support to those who could truly benefit.  

"It is with tremendous pride that Essex Chambers supports The Rob George Foundation to help raise sufficient funds to enable his name to live on for the sake of our future generations".


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