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Guidance, Advice & Support for Exporting 

We offer support and guidance to you when new to export or when looking to conquer new markets.
We offer advice via our Croners Export Guide which can equip you with the basic requirements for a specific country. 
We signpost to a number of organisations that will assist you if we are unable to help.

We have some invaluable member benefits which further compliment the support which is offered. Member Export Benefits

Export Documentation      Price List  

Export Documentation is required in some countries to clear customs, for proof of origin, in order to claim preferential duty rates, or for banking purposes when payment is by Letter of Credit.

We offer an online Export Documentation service, using the e-zCert service, which is available from 9:00am until 5:00pm.
Not available for Foreign Office Apostille or Legalisation and some Arab-British documentation.

We are agents for the Arab British and Egyptian British Chamber of Commerce and deal direct with the Foreign Office and many other Embassies which enables us to arrange legalisation of your documents if required.
Essex Chamber can process the following documents:

Please visit out Export Documentation Services page for a full overview of these services

Forms available to buy 

Standard Shipping Notes
Dangerous Goods Notes
Ghana: C.61 Invoice and Certificate of Value & Origin
Malawi: Form 18 Invoice and Certificate of Origin
Nigeria: C.16 Combined Certificate of Value and of Origin
South Africa: DA 59 Declaration of Origin for goods exported

Export Expert Training Courses

Our BCC Accredited Export Expert training programme delivers a suite of 6 high quality training courses throughout the year.  The courses are specifically designed for staff who are involved in  exporting and/or importing to and from the UK.

Click here for our full Export Expert programme.

If you have a specific need or have any questions please contact us.