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Minutes of meeting held Friday 12 April 2019

Essex Business Crime Strategic Board




10.00 – 12.00 – Friday 12 April 2019

DP World London Gateway

      Andy Prophet – ACC, Essex Police
      Jane Gardner – Dep. Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner for Essex
      Darren Horsman – Asst Director, Comms & Public Engagement, Essex PFCC 
      Ian Gennery – CI Local Policing Support, Essex Police
      Emma Thomas - Comms & Engagement Manager, PFCC
      Denise Rossiter – CEO, Essex Chambers of Commerce
      David Burch – Director of Policy, Essex Chambers of Commerce
      Donna Gale – Executive Assistant, Essex Chambers of Commerce
      Lee Hammond – Head of Security, East of England Co-op
      Mike Roast – Area Manager, Co-op Group
      Ian Coleman – Ops Director - Sub for John Moran, Minerva Fire & Security Ltd
      Iain Palmer – Head of Revenue Protection & Security – Sub for Julian Drury – MD, Trenitalia c2c
      Samantha Johnson – Head of Security Compliance, London Stansted Airport
      Perry Woolner – I&C Team Manager, Wave
      Stephen Cook – HR Manager, Wilkin & Sons
      In attendance: 
      Dan Youngman – Force Performance Analyst, Essex Police
      Les Hawkins – Essex Specials Policing (Presentation)

1.    Apologies for Absence:
           BJ Harrington – Chief Constable Designate, Essex Police 
           Roger Hirst – Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner for Essex
           Dean Border – MD, Baltic Distribution
           Colin Hitchcock – Harbourmaster, DP World London Gateway
           John Moran – Operations Director, Minerva Fire & Security Ltd
           Andrew Harper-Rowe – Director, MLM Group
           Philip Miller – Chair & CEO, Stockvale Group
           (NB - Peter Scopes – Centre Manager, Lion Walk Shopping Centre, Colchester 
           resigned from group as he is tasked to cover Colchester area issues only)

2.    Minutes of Last Meeting:  Minutes of the first meeting of this Board held on 11 January 2019 circulated in advance, reviewed and approved.  These will also be available to view on the Essex Chambers’ website.

Matters arising – none

3.    Chamber Update – New Business Crime Unit: IG – one Sergeant and three PC’s have been assigned to the new business crime unit, which is due to go ‘live’ late 2019/early 2020.  A sub-group consisting of the following members is to be formed from the wider group to work on a strategy for the new business crime unit, with 3 to 4 geographical meetings to be set to suit:

  • Iain Palmer (Trenitalia c2c)
  • Lee Hammond – East of England Co-op
  • Stephen Cook – Wilkin & Sons
  • Denise Rossiter – Essex Chambers
  • David Burch – Essex Chambers
  • Philip Miller – name put forward in his absence – ACTION – DR to check

       ACTION - DR/David B to write to all to confirm meeting dates/times/venues

4.    Essex Police Analyst – Business Crime Data:  Dan Youngman, Force Performance Analyst, Essex Police, talked through updated Business Crime Analysis document. A comprehensive copy of the document can be found here.

Mike Roast – Area Manager, Co-op group – shoplifting is at an all-time high, with convenience stores being main targets. Co-op have comprehensive CCTV coverage via SEECOM, and it has been noticed that persistent offenders target multiple stores.  Co-op policy is that all crime is reported, and are keen to link their system to Police systems to share the CCTV footage.  Co-op are lobbying Government on retail crime to support their ‘safer community’ campaign.

5.    Presentation:  Les Hawkins – gave verbal presentation re. Employer Supported Policing, and handed out booklets at the meeting.  Members were encouraged to support the scheme which is currently unique to Essex Police, and bespoke packages can be arranged to suit the needs of the business.  For more details, Les can be contacted on .   PW has been a special for 29 years, and 10 days per annum are granted by his employer to release him to carry out these duties during the working week, in addition to the time he volunteer’s evenings and weekends.  PW happy to be a case study for this very worthwhile cause.
6.    Updates:


a)    Chief Constable Update: AP – responded to negative article in the Southend Evening Echo on Town Centre Policing, adding that Southend Borough Council have approved funding for 5 dedicated security staff in the town.  By July 2019 there will be 68 additional officers on the beat in 23 locations across the county.  ET & DR to speak with Chris Hatton at the Evening Echo to make sure this gets front page coverage when announced.  ACTION – ET/DR

b)    JG – pleased to report positive success with the rural policing scheme. Also mentioned 
The PFCC Community Safety Award was launched in 2014, with the ceremony taking place at their Annual Conference. This year it is being held at the Colchester United Football Stadium on Friday, June 7th.  Anybody can nominate a resident or group but to win they have to demonstrate that the nominee is exceptional that have gone above and beyond to keep their community safe. They also have to have delivered a project or scheme that has improved the safety of those around them. They can be volunteers or those working in a professional capacity so long as they are delivering a service to the public to keep people safe, prevent crime and protect the most vulnerable people in our communities. We are also launching a new category this year to recognise the efforts of young people (aged 24 and under).  If any members of this Board would like to donate a prize, this would be very welcome.

c)    DR – sample ‘credit card data blockers’ tabled.  Essex Police have a budget of £4k to produce these, and members invited to add their co. logo at additional cost.  ACTION - All interested parties who expressed an interest in this in January were absent at this meeting - PM, Dean B, JM & AH-R – and DR will contact them before next meeting to confirm additional costings.

d)    SJ – London Stansted Airport encounter various issues with the carrying of knives.  ACTION - SJ to forward article on how this is dealt with.

e)    Survey to be created to ascertain Essex Chamber members’ views of current policing levels etc. in their geographical area.  ACTION - David B and DR to formulate set of questions and liaise with Ian Gennery before sending.


7.    AOB:  Business Communications Strategy and Implementation: DR & ET have been working to formulate a Business Communications Strategy to be shared via social media, twitter, etc.  Draft proposal papers tabled at meeting and embedded here

8.    Dates of future 2019 meetings:
12 July, 11 October - All Fridays – all 10.00 – 12.00  
All to take place at DP World London Gateway

Visitor parking is available via the main port access road at DP World,
1 London Gateway, The Manorway, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, SS17 9DY