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Lower Thames Crossing


Essex Chambers of Commerce have been supporters of the need for a Third Lower Thames Crossing for some considerable time. One of the biggest complaints we received from members is about the need for investment in our roads network to address the congestion that road users face on a daily basis with the M25 and existing Dartford Crossings being some of the most affected areas.

We already see the existing crossings closed on a regular basis due to accidents or breakdowns resulting in considerable tail backs on the road network either side of the river. The delays they cause impact on businesses in time lost as a result which can be anything from half an hour upwards to several hours, in some cases this has led to businesses losing contracts as a result. It is not just time that is lost but also money and the additional costs to businesses incurred can range from tens of pounds through to several hundreds of pounds.     

With further growth planned for the Thames Estuary, we believe that it is vital that this Third Lower Thames Crossing is constructed and urge businesses to engage with the consultation process for the project. Details of events being run by Highways England can be found below. 

Denise Rossiter CEO of Essex Chambers saidWe are extremely pleased that the Consultation has been launched for a ten week period.  Essex Chambers have strongly supported the need for a Lower Thames Crossing along with its members from the very start.  The time now is for businesses to have their say and we would encourage you to visit Highways England Website to learn more about this fantastic project that will help Essex prosper economically, logistically and be a global leader’.

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