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Virtual Export Procedures & Documentation Overview

Tuesday 13th October 2020
9:15am - 12:45pm


Preparing for the Transition

On the 31st December the Transition period will end. Customs processes will be required for all EU trade. If you have only exported to the EU you will need to understand the processes you will need to follow in order to export your goods successfully.

The purpose of the course :
There are many varied documents required in International Trade and this course provides an overview of the trail of the actions required so you can become an Expert Exporter. Completing Customs Declarations for exports can be one of the biggest challenges, join us to understand what information is needed to be able to complete one successfully – whether you are considering doing this yourself – or using a Customs Intermediary / Freight Agent / Customs Broker.  We will also discuss why it is important that you retain a clear audit trail in order to meet Export Compliance and make you aware of the changes on the horizon in 2021 – including exiting the transition period and the Customs Declaration Service and what will this mean for your Exports.

Benefits for your organisation :
This course will deliver an overview of the documents used during the stages of an Export process, and what details are needed for the completion of a Customs Declaration for Export. By completing the right forms, at the right time, in the right place, you will benefit from smooth export customs clearance and ensure success in International Trade. 

Who is this course for ?
Those involved in the setting up of export contracts, processing export documentation, organising shipment of goods and receiving payment. This course is suitable as a start up for beginners, as well as a refresher course for those more experienced Exporters.

Topics Covered :
  • Overview of International Trade – focusing on Exports
  • The Export Process - Overview of documents for an Audit trail including :
    • Quotations, Proforma Invoices, Commercial Invoices,
    • Certificates of Origin, EC & Arab British, Certification & Legalisation
    • Preference & Origin Rules 
    • PreShipment Inspection, Packaging Restrictions
    • Transport Documents, Airwaybills, Bills of Lading, CMR Notes
  • Customs Declaration for Export – what does it look like and why is the detail important?
  • What lies ahead in 2021 – Exiting the transition period, Customs Declaration Service (CDS)

Date:   Tuesday 13th October 2020 9.15am to 12.45pm 
Cost to attend: Members £150.00 + VAT and Non-Members £175.00 + VAT

  9.15:  Registration

  9.30:  Start

10.25:  Break
10.30:  Re-start

11.25:  Break
11.30:  Re-start

12.30:  Q&As

12.45:  Training ends

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to :
  • Trade Internationally with more Confidence and Awareness.  
  • Feel confident of completing the correct forms, in the correct way, for the correct reason.
  • Understand what needs to be included on Customs Declaration for export.  
  • Retain an audit trail as vital evidence for export customs compliance.  
  • Be aware of the changes on the horizon in 2021 -
    • Exiting the transition period 
    • Customs Declaration Service -  what will this mean for your Exports?

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