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Video Skills for Social Media & beyond Workshop

Orsett Hall Hotel, Restaurant & Spa. Prince Charles Ave, Orsett, Grays RM16 3HS

Thursday 23rd January 2020
9:00am - 12:30pm

Want to discover the power that social media video could have for your business? Join us to develop skills and strategies to enable you to devise, produce, enable and oversee social media video campaigns.

This half day course will be split into four topics and the training style will be experimental and will feature practical based learning throughout.

We will cover:

Why, where and how to use video
  • We will look at why it’s important to use video and other images as part of your marketing strategy, talk about why video works and consider the emotional component of video as a powerful engagement device.
  • We will view some effective examples of online campaigns, break them down into their component parts and use them to explore what you need to think about when planning your projects.
  • We will consider the types of video that are commonly used on the web and which of these approaches might be most appropriate for your business.
  • We will think about how mobile video in particular can form part of an ongoing social strategy, how it can best reflect your brand and its particular advantages as part of a platform of video assets.
Telling stories
  • We will delve into story and what makes video compelling and successful, whatever the size of the audience, and will devise a list of key attributes that make audience engagement more likely. Participants will then work to come up with an idea for a video to support their business development.
  • Having completed this task together they will work through a short sequence of shots to create a brief storyboard from their initial idea and we will think about potential sources of graphics, images and music to bring their videos to life.
Better pictures and better sound
  • We will consider how to shoot beautiful and compelling pictures to illustrate the story participants want to tell.
  • We will consider some of the equipment that can dramatically improve mobile video production, for example additional microphones, tripods and gimbals and briefly explore colour temperature, three-point lighting and picture composition. 
  • We will also spend time thinking about getting good sound – over half the battle in any great video.
  • The group will consider the merits of pieces to camera and think about how best to frame shots. We will also discuss supporting b-roll images and how to acquire and use them.
  • We will briefly delineate some commonly utilised mobile video editing apps, consider shooting for edit and discuss what to think about in preparing your content for upload.
  • Finally working in small groups participants will undertake a brief interview exercise where they put their new skills into practice.
Action planning 
  • In the final section of the course the group will think about their businesses marketing activity in the next three, six and twelve months and consider how and where video can play a role in that going forward.
  • We will write a brief action plan detailing five concrete steps they can take to increase their social visibility with video content and consider any additional skills or resources they may need to make these steps.

Finally we will check we’ve achieved the group objectives and answer any outstanding questions.

Date: Thursday 23rd January 2020 9.00am to 12.30pm (Refreshments Provided)
Venue: Orsett Hall Hotel, Restaurant & Spa. Prince Charles Ave, Orsett, Grays RM16 3HS
Cost to attend: Members £95 + VAT and Non-Members £150 + VAT

   9.00am - Registration
   9.30am - Workshop begins
 11.00am - Refreshments
 12.30pm - Finish
Ben Hole has been involved in the film, television and video industry since 1997. With a background in editing and post-production he has worked for every terrestrial broadcaster and created content for many businesses, charities and brands. Career highlights have included a feature documentary about renowned artist duo Gilbert and George that premiered at Tate Modern, a BAFTA nominated children’s show and visuals for Fat Boy Slim at Glastonbury.

Main Media is a video production company based in Southend, Essex who bring broadcast production values and creativity to promotional video, event coverage and charity content. They have extensive experience in helping organisations plan and execute their video projects, appeal videos and corporate films and can advise on almost any aspect of digital video production. 
Simon Rothstein has worked in the national media for two decades, including spending more than 12 years as an award-winning journalist and editor for an eclectic range of press outlets such as The Sun, The Guardian and talkSPORT. He set up SRX Consultancy in 2010 in order to bring his expertise to projects and clients he was passionate about, helping them with all aspects of consumer engagement.

SRX Consultancy is a boutique PR, social media and communications agency specialising in business, entertainment, social action, faith and community. They manage Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts that total hundreds of thousands of followers, produces content read all around the world and have run training sessions for hundreds of people.

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