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Rules of Origin

Essex Chambers of Commerce, 34a Star Lane, Great Wakering, Essex. SS3 0FF

Tuesday 8th November 2022
9:30am - 4:30pm

This premium training course will deliver a comprehensive insight into the complexities of the Rules of Origin covering the difference between non-preference and preference origin rules.

You will receive an in-depth 
explanation on the subject of Origin, which is essential to understand, as the country in which a product is made can affect the import duty that is applicable. We will look at how to determine the economic nationality of the goods, which can be tricky where two or more countries are involved in the production of the finished product or important stage in manufacture.

Non-preference origin rules are used for all kinds of commercial policy measures, such as anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties, trade embargoes, quantitative restrictions, tariff quotas etc. 

Preference origin rules are covered in different trade agreements, and we will discuss how to find a qualifying rule within a trade agreement. As an Exporter, you can help your customers in some countries to import your goods more cheaply under Preference.  As an importer, you can select preferential origin goods in order to reduce your import duty rates, which in turn will reduce your Import VAT.  Topics covered include:


  • UK Trade Agreements – what new agreements are being negotiated
  • Harmonised System 2022 – what are the changes and how may they impact you
  • Wholly obtained – what goods are wholly produced
  • Last Substantial Transformation – when are two or more countries used in production
  • Origin rules – what qualifying criteria to use
  • Originating Material and Non-Originating Material
  • Change of tariff classification – what do you have to do to achieve
  • Maximum non-originating materials – what value must you add
  • Product specific rule – what specified process must be achieved
  • Insufficient Production – how to go beyond minimal operations
  • Cumulation – what is the difference between bilateral, diagonal, full
  • Tolerance – what percentages can be applied to which goods
  • Accounting Segregation – how can this help with storage and administration of certain goods
  • Certificates of Origin – when are these needed for non-preference origin
  • EUR-1 – when is this preference document required and does it need stamping
  • Declarations – what preference wording to use on your commercial documents
  • Statement on Origin, Single or Multiple – do you need a specific number/registration
  • Approved Exporter Status – when is this authorisation required
  • Registered Exporter ReX – who needs to be registered and why
  • Importer’s Knowledge – what evidence is required to be held
  • Supplier’s Declarations – when are these supporting documents required
  • Claiming Preference – how does a GB importer claim preference for qualifying goods
  • Advance Origin Rulings – when would these be beneficial
  • Record Keeping – what are the rules for origin evidence
  • Non-Manipulation clauses – when direct transport is necessary
  • Preference – is it worth the cost?

Date:   Tuesday 8th November 2022 9.30am to 4.30pm
Venue: Essex Chambers of Commerce, 34a Star Lane, Great Wakering, Essex. SS3 0FF   
Cost to attend: Members £340.00 + VAT and Non-Members £390.00 + VAT

Attendees are encouraged to bring along examples of paperwork to discuss on the day. Specific questions or issues can also be submitted prior to the course and answers or resolutions will also be discussed.

Previous attendee feedback:

"The trainer made a complicated topic accessible and patiently answered questions. The presentation included simple illustrations to make understanding easier. Very helpful and actually quite enjoyable!"

REMEMBER compliance is not a choice, it’s a necessity
Join us to ensure you are prepared for the challenges ahead.

*All of our physical training courses will be delivered following the Government COVID-19 guidance and will have a maximum of 8 attendees plus trainers in a large, ventilated training room.  The safety of our trainers and attendees is of the utmost importance to us and training will be converted online if necessary.

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