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As authorised agents for the Egyptian-British Chamber of Commerce we can arrange for the certification and legalisation of all Egyptian documentation.


Egyptian-British Certificates of Origin are raised on UK Certificates of Origin, so please refer to our Completion Guide Pages.

Both Certificates of Origin and invoices can be certified only by the Essex Chambers providing they are supplied with an Egyptian Indemnity from your company  

In addition;

  • All Certificates of Origin (CofO’s) for Egypt, need to be accompanied by a full commercial invoice. 
  • The invoice must contain all costs related to the shipment and must show the manufacturing address of where the goods originate from.
Egyptian Chamber Services available;
  • The C of O must be certified & legalised.
  • (it is mandatory for the Invoice to be certified by the Essex Chambers even if it does not require legalisation)
  • A 'set' (C of O & invoice) must be certified & legalised.
  • Invoices can be certified and legalised separately as well as other documents. (i.e. C of O not required)

The costs for each variation differ, so please contact us for advice and quotes.