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Cyber Security

We are continually evaluating what we offer businesses as part of their membership and looking for new ideas to promote. Essex Chambers of Commerce are proud to be offering these Industry Standard Modules, working with the very best experts.

Why you need to know about cyber security and how to protect you and your business

The threat from cybercrime to UK business is significant; the threat is varied and adaptable. It ranges from high volume, opportunistic attacks where technical expertise is bought as a service, to highly sophisticated and persistent threats incorporating bespoke malware designed to compromise specific targets. Combine this with the rise of internet connected devices, with ever increasing commercial footprints online gives the attackers more opportunity than ever before. 

Cyber security practices are as important as locking your doors or putting your valuables in a safe. You can and should manage your online security in the same way you would protect any other aspect of your real world business/life.  Doing the basics can reduce the risk and help protect you, your staff and your business from becoming victims of cybercrime.

Most companies use the internet to conduct their business, buy, sell, advertise communicate with staff and suppliers as well as carrying out financial transactions. Every day there are attacks on IT systems of UK businesses; last year alone 66% of small businesses nationally had been a victim of cybercrime. Whilst it is accepted you can never be totally secure, it is recognised that we can protect ourselves from most cyber-attacks with some basic security principles and processes for your staff and IT systems. 

Education and awareness are key to ensuring business practices/principles are effective; create a culture where cyber security is part of business life.  You and your staff need to be aware of cyber security threats and how to deal with them. 

Essex Police Cyber Crime Protect Team are delivering 2 workshops with the Essex Chambers of Commerce that consist of the basic 6 modules local businesses need to be aware of to upskill themselves in cyber security and learn that by doing the basics right can help protect themselves thus reducing the risk from becoming a victim of cybercrime.

Workshops are running in March and October 2019.

Testimonials from our last Workshops -

"It blew my mind realising how vulnerable you are the moment you go on-line. We all think that it won't happen to us, but we are all at risk.
The more knowledge we have, the more vigilant we will be. I highly recommend this workshop. It was fun, informative and really opened my eyes - Lots of information to share with my staff

"A really informative course that enabled me to take my knowledge gained and run our own internal security workshops."

"The course was extremely useful in understanding what precautions we have to take to be safe on the internet. Learnt the benefits and the type of a strong password. Would strongly recommend this course."

Upon completion of the workshops, which meet Government set standards on cybercrime, attendees will receive a certificate confirming completion of the modules included as well as advice and support in how to sign up to Cyber Essentials.

These modules will assist businesses in implementing good cyber security practices, which can enhance the reputation of your business and open up new commercial opportunities. To assist in this further, delegates will get support in signing up to Cyber Essentials, a Government standard in cyber security, where businesses can self-assess against the criteria, or seek independent verification and gain the Cyber Essentials certification, which enables your company to advertise the fact that it adheres to a Government endorsed standard.

There are two levels of assurance to provide flexibility and affordability: Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.
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